ESSENCE Hashtags Galore

Photo Courtesy of  DjAvrilPerry90

Photo Courtesy of DjAvrilPerry90

As I reflect on the past two months since Essence’s debut, I am so appreciative of how interactive many of you have been while reading my book!

There are now three Essence-related hashtags floating around on social media. (I love this!) Here they are, and I would be honored if you would use any or all of them:


I know almost all of you (including me) have been using the hashtag #Essence for posts about the novel, but this tag is already pretty flooded with posts about Essence Magazine, so I'd love to start the new hashtag #EssenceYA to distinguish between the two.


I absolutely adore this hashtag, which was created by a group of awesome readers. It is for “Essence in the Wild” sightings, so please continue sharing your photographs and posts about places where you have seen or read the book. So far, Essence has been spotted in a lot of amazing destinations, including the beaches of Hawaii and Alaskan mountain towns. (I plan to repost your shots—and hopefully create a map!—very soon.)

I am on the hunt for the very most exotic location of all, so please keep your pictures coming. You can post them on social media and/or email them straight to me: lisaannokane(at) (Pretty sure there may a contest in works… Stay tuned for details!)


This may be my very favorite hashtag of all. As Essence explores, everyone’s personal Essence is different. Some people find fulfillment in extreme sports and adrenaline pursuits, while others find it meditating, reading or going for walks.

How do you connect with your Essence? Please use this hashtag to highlight the activities that make you feel alive, and I will reshare as many of your photographs as I can.

Have you picked up your copy of Essence yet? Here are some handy purchasing links:

• Amazon (U.S.)

• Amazon (Canada)

• Amazon (UK)

• Barnes & Noble

• Kobo

Thanks again for your support, and I hope you have a wonderful day!