A Still and Quiet Madness: QueryTrackers Making Tracks

Anita Howard, a YA and adult literary author represented by Jenny Bent of the Bent Agency, just started a new blog series on her site, "A Still and Quiet Madness." She plans to track successful authors who have gotten their starts on QueryTracker.net. (An EXCELLENT resource, if you haven't discovered it already! And Anita is a wonderful person to know... Her grace and perpetual thoughtfulness are always welcome on the QT comment boards.)

Below is her first official interview: with Brenda St. John Brown, who recently signed with literary agent Marlene Stringer. Congrats to both Anita and Brenda for a job well done! :)

A Still and Quiet Madness: QueryTrackers Making Tracks, #1: "Today, we begin the official first of a series on successful authors. (For the unofficial first, hop over to my LiveJournal blog..."