When do you get your best ideas?

I've been participating in some fun discussions over on QueryTracker.net, and it got me thinking...

I seem to get most of my creative ideas in the middle of the night...  Sometimes, I bolt awake and awkwardly grope to send myself a text message, but most of the time I simply percolate through the night, tossing and turning and not really "sleeping" in any sort of substantial way.  I wake in the morning feeling jolted and inspired (and groggy!), and I do my best to send my self-text message then.  (I have about a 50% success rate for the validity of those early morning ideas, and I'm usually surprised when I read them later...  confused)

Do you have a specific time when YOU get your best ideas?  I've created a poll in my left margin...  Let's see if most of us "creative types" have a pattern, or are our ideas as random as we are?