The First Bi-Annual Wonderland Bloggy Awards!

Let's face it, Mondays are generally the very worst day of the week--especially for those of us currently in the midst of the horrible literary agent submission process. Not only do we have to wake up early and drag ourselves to work, but we also have to check our email for rejections.

Agents seem to work in a flurry on Mondays, so we cross our fingers that our query letters haven't been dumped into the "let's clear out this inbox and fire off some rejections!" Monday slush pile. We hold our breath as we watch our emails download, and we feel a pit in our stomach every time we see the words "Re: QUERY" appear like magic between letters from friends and advertisements for 1-800-Flowers or Could it be a partial or full request, an offer of representation, or is it simply a "Dear Author" form rejection letter? Sometimes, I don't even want to click and find out.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I checked my email and realized I actually had some good news waiting for me instead. The lovely, positive and always amazing Anita Howard actually spent her weekend creating beautiful badges for her Blogger friends, and she was generous enough to give me my very first blogging award: her Inspirational Blog Award. I almost melted, and look at the beautiful badge my blog now gets to wear!

If you haven't found her already, I'd HIGHLY suggest getting to know Anita through her blog, "A Still and Quiet Madness" and through her thoughtful posts (as raven1) on  Here's the link to her First Bi-Annual Wonderland Bloggy Awards, and I'm sure she'd appreciate it if you visited her.  Thanks again, Anita; you have truly made my day! :)