My Four-Month Mark

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Well, it's official. My first full manuscript request has been under review for four months today. My other three full requests have all passed the one month mark, and I am absolutely freaking out in anticipation.

Four months! I have felt every single moment pass, and most have crept by with a nauseating, slow tightness and a sense of unbalance--one that settled in my stomach in early February and hasn't budged since.

I am NOT a patient person, I HATE surprises and I DON'T take unrealistic risks. I still can't believe I embarked on this journey, and I simultaneously want to pat myself on the back and punch myself in the face for this. (I have also obsessively convinced myself that my submission to this first agent must have gotten lost in cyberspace. She's a lightning fast responder, and four months seems like twelve lifetimes for her.)

My question is this... For those of you currently in the midst of this process--or those of you who have already graduated to the next stage of submissions (i.e., the dreaded publisher hunt)--how in the world do you stay sane??

Everyone says I should distract myself, go on vacation or start my next project. And although I've piddled down about 25 pages of my next project, I'm so amped up and unbalanced that my creativity has dried up like Colorado soil after a rainstorm.

A perfect case in point. "Colorado soil after a rainstorm?" Really?? That's the best simile I can come up with? ... Did I just end a sentence with a preposition? Did I even spell "preposition" correctly? ... Am I actually too lazy to check? Yep, looks like I am...