Memories of a High School Me!

I'm so excited to be interviewed on Jaye Robin Brown's blog, "Hanging on to Wonder." She does these great bi-monthly interviews where MG and YA writers reflect on our own high school experiences, and today's my day!

So check it out, and prepare to enter the hallowed halls of Bay High School in Panama City, FL: Memories of a High School You -- Lisa Ann Chickos.

Oh, and one more thing. Do you see this creepy statue?

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Bay High School's mascot is the tornado, so this bizarre tornado statue graced my school's front lawn (and haunted my dreams) for many, many years. It was made by some students in the 1970's, I think, and when it was finally demolished and replaced by a tornado that actually looks like a tornado a few years back, I have to admit that my heart kind of broke. (How is it possible to become so attached to something so atrocious?)

But I digress. And I hope you enjoy my interview on Jay Robin Brown's blog!