Under New Management!!!

A very exciting and all-around wonderful announcement: I am now represented by the fabulous Hannah Bowman of Liza Dawson Associates!

Photo Courtesy of Liza Dawson Associates
I absolutely couldn't be happier. As many of you know, I  parted ways with my former literary agency earlier this year. (If you don't know this story, click here for more details.) Getting my first agent was hard enough, so the realization that I needed to dive back in AGAIN was nearly panic attack-inducing. (Not to mention the fact that I was right in the middle of writing a new manuscript, so I didn't even have anything to dive back in with.)

Imagine my elation, then, when Hannah and I began conversing this spring. We had a fairly solid foundation already--she was my original manuscript's very first full request--but I figured she was way out of my league. She was HANNAH BOWMAN, after all: the powerhouse newcomer who snagged a six-figure trilogy preempt deal for her very first sale. A deal she followed with another six-figure preempt for her second deal. (Wanna hear more? Check out her Liza Dawson Associates bio here, or read her Tumblr page here.)

Here's the other thing about Hannah. She's really just a fantastic person. She's approachable, friendly, creative, passionate, determined, punctual and pragmatic. She emails when she says she'll email; she calls the minute she says she'll call. She is editorial and detail-oriented, and her creative judgment is absolutely spot-on.

Signing my brand-new contract! (6/25/12)
(Check out the ghetto air conditioner and dog toys
in the background... This is how I roll.)
When I first told her about the project I was working on, she seemed very interested. (Wanna hear more about my pitch and concept? Click here!) You can't sign a contract for an unfinished manuscript, of course, so we both agreed I would finish the novel and send it to her as soon as it was polished. I told her it was hers if she wanted it; I wouldn't even query it to other agents.

So... A few months passed. I sent her the manuscript on June 13, and she told me she would try to get back to me by the beginning of July. I didn't expect to hear from her for awhile, so imagine my surprise when she emailed a mere seven days later and told me she "loved" the manuscript. She quickly followed this email with another that said, "Since it's really not a secret that I want to sign you--shall I go ahead and send an agency agreement on so we can discuss it on Thursday?"

Um, YESSS!! My surprise quickly turned into a happy dance that rivaled even my "dinner's ready" softshoe. (You should have seen it. Hubby was quite impressed.)

Dotted lines... (6/25/12)
So that's that. The contract has been signed, Hannah and I just had our first revision meeting, and I am officially Liza Dawson Associate's newest client. We hope to get the manuscript out fairly soon, but really, I'm just looking forward to languishing over my revisions. I know my novel is in very, very good hands, and I absolutely couldn't be more pleased. This experience confirms to me that everything does indeed happen for a reason.

Ta-da! (Please excuse my sweaty camp t-shirt 
and gross hair... It was 104 degrees! 6/25/12)
Thanks again to EVERYONE who supported me during the ups and downs of this crazy process. It was amazing for me to realize how many people were truly here for me this spring--not just when times were good or when it looked like success was on my horizon.

Special shout-outs to my hubby Mike Chickos, my parents Kevin and Tammy O'Kane, my sister Shana Laflin, Allen Walker, Beth Christopher, Christina McCarthy, Tara Dairman, Eugene Scott, Sean McAfee, Joe Kovacs, Rene Zimbelman, Lynne Stockheim, Molly Horner, Dr. Theresa, Jamie Watson, Brianne Mulligan, Anita Howard, Jaye Robin Brown, Leigh Moore, Charlie Holmberg, Ash Krafton, Keith Wood, Mark Stevens, Kalen O'Donnell, the #WIPMADNESS crew, my QT forum peeps, and everyone else who took the time to leave nice comments or send encouraging emails. I will be forever in your debt. (Wow! It really DOES take a village, doesn't it?)

I would also like to thank Hannah for believing in me even when I wasn't sure I believed in myself. I am looking forward to our partnership, and I can't wait to get started!