Live Q&A with a Zookeeper!!

Photo Courtesy of Me
As many of you know, I used to host a weekly blog column I called "Wildlife Wednesdays: Ask a Zookeeper." Utilizing my knowledge as a zookeeper, animal trainer and environmental educator, I answered your animal-related questions--many of which came from your story ideas and manuscripts.

(Credit for the idea actually belongs to Lydia Kang, who is a medical doctor as well as a young adult author. Her "Medical Monday" posts offer incredible insight into disorders, injuries and such. Many writers I know have made her their go-to doctor whenever they have story-related questions--i.e., "How long could a person be knocked unconscious without suffering brain damage?" "How long does it take for a sleeping pill to start working?" etc.)

I figured many of you out there might have similar animal-related questions, so "Wildlife Wednesday" was born. The column had a good run. Here are links to some of my favorite posts, including my bear attack post, which has BY FAR the most hits of anything I have ever written:
5. Ask a Zookeeper: Clever Capuchin Monkeys

Unfortunately, my life got a little overwhelming this spring (see An Explanation: Where I Have Been), so I had to give the column a temporary hiatus. 

I have been wanting to bring Wildlife Wednesdays back for awhile, so I was very pleased when Dan Corbin of contacted me to see if I wanted to host a zookeeper Q&A on his website.

Jobstr, by the way, is a website "where you can ask people anything about their jobs. Whether you’re exploring new career paths or simply want the down-and-dirty on the professions of others, Jobstr allows you to ask everything, from the most basic questions to the most provocative." (BTW, what an AMAZING resource for writers! Everything you could ever hope to know about any job in the world, from police officer to day trader to professional poker player!)

I happily agreed, and my Q&A is now live! Do you have an animal or zookeeping-related question? Please stop by and visit: Jobstr: Zookeeper / Animal Trainer. (Or, if it's a really long and complicated question, feel free to email me directly instead: lisa.chickos(at)hotmail(dot)com.)

Wish me luck!