Once There Was a Heartbreak

Once upon a time, two people fell in love. And it was beautiful.

He was of the mountains, and she was of the sea. But they built their love with fire, and they dreamt it was meant to be.

They lived boldly, and they lived fully. They made footprints in each other’s hearts, and they laughed and loved and took on the world together.

She taught him how to follow his dreams, and he taught her how to listen to her heart. But fate has the cruelest sense of irony, because his dreams and her heart led in opposite directions.

So what to do? Sacrifice his dreams, or sacrifice her heart? Or respect the beautiful thing that was their love enough to leave it be?

Fairy tales aren’t supposed to end with goodbyes, but theirs was never a classic love story. And once they realized their fire would destroy everything they’d ever built, they made an impossible choice.

They set each other free.