Healthy Writers Club: Getting Real & Moving Forward

Photo Courtesy of Shallee McArthur
Happy New Year, everyone! I must admit, I definitely strayed from my healthy choices this holiday season. (I suppose everyone does...) This year it was different for me, though. I didn't fall off the wagon because I was happily surrounded by friends and family. I WAS happily surrounded by friends and family, but my poor decisions came from a different place entirely.

I stopped living healthy because I allowed myself to be overwhelmed by uncertainty and sadness.

Let me get real here. Social media is such a limited platform, because we usually only share our 'best of' moments and milestones. But we all have so much going on behind the curtain that perhaps honesty is sometimes an undervalued trait here.

"Wizard of Oz" Photo Courtesy of Out.Of.Focus
So let me be honest: December was one of the hardest months of my entire life. It highlighted the fact that I had just undergone one of the biggest changes I will ever undergo, and my Decembers will never, ever be the same again. (Read more here: Once There Was a Heartbreak.)

I find that when my life is out of balance, I purposefully find ways to make my body and space out of balance. How can you possibly have an immaculately clean house when your insides are falling apart? And how can you possibly have a strong, healthy body when your instinct is to curl into a ball and go to sleep?

I have gone through similar funks before--haven't we all?--but this time I decided to be gentle with myself. Instead of becoming frustrated and making myself feel even worse, I simply set my healthy goals aside and said, "Okay, you really want to go here, then? Fine. You have until the beginning of January to dwell on whatever it is you're dwelling on, and then you better be ready to hit the ground running in 2013."

Wow. It was like getting a free pass, but you know what? The knowledge that it was OKAY not to be okay was all the inspiration I needed. I took those last few weeks of December, and I drowned in my uncertainties. And then the moment that ball dropped to usher in 2013, I found myself filled with hope. I was out on the beach watching fireworks explode over the Gulf of Mexico with some friends, and those beautiful flashes mixed with turquoise water felt like salve to my soul.

My inner voice became strong again: "All right. That's enough. It's time to begin again."

Photo Courtesy of PhotoOptik
Weekly Healthy Writers Club Milestones:

1. BODYTwo bike rides (21 miles total), two arm workouts, two balance training workouts

2. MIND: I got a new job! Starting on Monday, I will be the Admissions & Graduate Services Coordinator at Southeastern Guide Dogs, an amazing non-profit that trains service dogs for visually impaired people and disabled veterans. Talk about good karma!

3. SOUL: A shared birthday party with a good friend in downtown Tampa, a wicked fun Surfrider Foundation benefit concert at the St. Petersburg Pier, a few fun lunches with friends, one beach visit (complete with sunset watching)

How did your week go? Any healthy milestones or set-backs? I'm looking forward to visiting your blogs, and I hope you have a great weekend!