The Real Question: What Happens Next??

"Party Aftermath," Photo Courtesy of ChefMattRock
Thank you SO much to everyone who took the time to visit my blog last week and congratulate me on my two-book deal with Strange Chemistry. I'm still riding the high of watching my Twitter and Facebook feeds explode with congratulations, and half of me still thinks someone may pinch me and wake me up at any moment.

The other half of me feels like the party is winding down and I'm starting to be surrounded by empty bottles and half-eaten bags of chips. A lot of the hard work is really just beginning. And because this is my first book deal, I really wish I had a psychic to tell me how everything is going to pan out from here.

In lieu of that--do real psychics even exist?--I am turning to you, my published and soon-to-be published writerly friends:

What is the biggest piece of advice you wish someone had told you when your manuscript first found a home?

My head is swimming with the proposition of creating a real-live author website, with looking into blog tours, with setting up a writing schedule and figuring out how to balance writing my sequel with marketing (and living my real-live life!).

How important is an author website? When should you start doing blog tours and interviews? Do you want to interview me? (I'm tons of fun; I promise!) Do you keep a writing schedule? How did you keep your head above water????

P.S.- Here's Strange Chemistry's official announcement of my book deal: Strange Chemistry Acquires Lisa O'Kane!

(Don't think I will ever get sick of reading that!)